Autism is a way of being.

It is a neurological difference 
which can bestow gifts as well 
as limitations. It can also be 
disabling in a society which
does not truly understand it.

Autistamatic was started to help 
people both on & off the autistic
spectrum understand more about 
the lives, challenges and above all 
potential of autistic people in 
society today.

Join us as we explore our 
many coloured minds...


20th Century Autistic - Life with an Autism DX in the 80s & 90s

What was it like to be diagnosed autistic before most people even knew what autism was? Was it better to have a diagnosis back then rather than receive it later as an adult?

Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is a constant companion for many autistic people and touches the lives of most autists at some point. This is how I personally keep my autistic anxiety under control.

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