Autism is a way of being.


It's a collection of specific differences from commonly perceived expectations of sensory perception, information processing & expression, which is viewed by external observers as differences in behaviour & communication.

Autistamatic is here to help 
people both on & off the autism
spectrum understand more about 
the lives, challenges and above all 
potential of autistic people in 
society today.

Join us as we explore our 
many coloured minds...


Featured videos

Autism & Society - Neurotypical Black & White Thinking

Autism has an image problem. People see autism & autistic people as being either profoundly disabled or "high functioning" - a black & white way of thinking about people. Where does this limited and harmful idea come from?

Autism & Relationships 8: Special Interests

Autism isn't unique where "Special Interests" are concerned, but they're remarkably common. It's also common for them to be a source of friction in relationships with people who aren't autistic, but the need not be so. What are special interests & what vital role do they play in autistic lives?

Autism & Relationships 7: The BIG Picture

Autism does NOT prevent people from seeing "The BIG Picture" as some would have it - it DOES mean seeing it from a different perspective though. It's all tied in to the autistic tendency towards honesty & candour, eye for detail and affinity for patterns. Find out how!

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