Autism is a way of being.


It's a collection of specific differences from commonly perceived expectations of sensory perception, information processing & expression, which is viewed by external observers as differences in behaviour & communication.

Autistamatic is here to help 
people both on & off the autism
spectrum understand more about 
the lives, challenges and above all 
potential of autistic people in 
society today.

Join us as we explore our 
many coloured minds...


Autism & Relationships - part 1: Dealing with Diagnosis

When a partner is diagnosed as autistic, both of you must work together to understand the new knowledge. Whether a spouse, a life partner, a lover, a friend or a family member is diagnosed, it can cause tension. There's many things than can go wrong, but they don't have to. Both sides need to know where they can help the other AND where they can go wrong.

What Exactly IS "Normal"?

Everybody's a Little Bit Autistic?

What do we mean by "normal" when we apply it to people? How does it feel to be told you are "abnormal"? Is it OK to tell an autistic person that they're "NOT normal"?

Have you ever said "Everybody's a bit autistic" or "We're ALL on the spectrum"? Ever thought about how autistic people feel about it when people say that to them?

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