Autism is a way of being.

It is a neurological difference 
which can bestow gifts as well 
as limitations. It can also be 
disabling in a society which
does not truly understand it.

Autistamatic was started to help 
people both on & off the autistic
spectrum understand more about 
the lives, challenges and above all 
potential of autistic people in 
society today.

Join us as we explore our 
many coloured minds...


Autism & ABA - Why is it Controversial ~ Autistamatic Report

It's described as "The Gold Standard" in autism therapy, "proven" to improve the prospects of autistic children, but what do autistic people themselves actually think about ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)?

Autism Research and the Chicken & Egg Problem - Autistamatic Report

Autism at Work - Should YOU Disclose? ~ Autistamatic Report

Is it a "symptom" of autism or is it a useful trait? Is it a problem behaviour or a reaction to trauma and stress? This is the Autism Chicken & Egg Problem, but is it one which contemporary researchers understand? Do autistic voices have enough influence in the research conducted on us? Is all research helpful for us?

If you're an autistic adult in employment, should you share your diagnosis with your bosses or your colleagues? What should you consider before you decide. Are you looking for work and wondering whether to disclose in your application or interview?

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