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What About SEVERE Autism?

Do you know about "severe autism"?

You do?

Are you SURE about that?

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Autism is a way of being.


It's a collection of specific differences from commonly

perceived expectations of sensory perception,

information processing & expression, which is viewed

by external observers as differences in

behaviour & communication.

Autistamatic is here to help both autistic and non-autistic people

understand more about the lives, challenges and above all 
potential of autistic people in society today.

Join us as we explore our many coloured minds...


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Autistic Is The New Normal

Female Autism Doesn't Exist

What if autism was the norm? If the autistic mind was the majority model, making us the "neurotypicals" of the world, how would our scientists and charities look upon those people born without autistic traits?

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autism? Is there a reasonable, excusable explanation for why 4 times as many boys as girls are diagnosed as autistic? Are girls better at hiding their autistic traits or is there something else skewing the figures and the opinions of those assessing us?

What Is Autism?

STOP Saying "People With Autism" (Person First Language)

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Autism is easy to explain...isn't it? The internet is full of descriptions of autism from charities, medical companies, health authorities and academics, but hardly any of them have had any input from a single autistic person.

Should non-autistic people argue with autists over how to show us respect?How should you refer to someone when you know they're autistic? How should you refer to the autistic community? Are we autistic people or people with autism?