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Series & Films with a common theme

The Verbal Spectrum

Most definitions of autism talk of "communication deficits" but most of the talk is of correction rather than understanding. Autistic communication is far more layered and complex than the "experts" seem willing to understand. There is a broad spectrum of influences on how autistic people communicate which this series examines one by one.

Autism & Relationships

Every definition of autism that has been written by non-autistic people (which is most of them) is heavily focused on our communications and the way we relate to other people. "Autism & Relationships" is an ongoing series which helps to bridge the gap between autistic people and the friends, colleagues, partners and relatives who share our lives by exploring the differences in the way we think so we can understand eachother better and enjoy more fruitful relationships.

After Diagnosis

It's impossible to underestimate the impact on someone's life of receiving an autism diagnosis, whatever our age when we receive it. For many adults it's the BEST news we've ever received, providing an explanation for years of confusion. All these videos talk about thoughts, feelings and considerations common in the weeks & months following the realisation and/or confirmation that we are autistic.

Autism & Employment

A shocking amount of autistic people are unemployed and some of us never find full-time employment. Even those who are highly qualified in sought-after fields can find the road to employment a steep hill to climb and an unsteady precipice to balance on once we get there. The films below all cover aspects of employment as it relates to being autistic, from the battle to find & keep work, disclosure to our employers & colleagues and the changes employers can make to their workplaces to make them friendlier for autistic workers.

30 Days of Autism Awareness

On every day in April 2020, to coincide with "Autism Awareness Month", Autistamatic produced a new 2 minute video nugget on social media, all relating to a specific aspect of the autistic experience. They've been edited together into the four compilations below. All have hard-coded English captions.

Finding a Therapist For Your Autistic Child

Most of the autistic adults alive today had no kind of "therapy" during childhood and the way our lives have turned out varies wildly. Some of us lead full lives and others have had massive difficulty getting off the starting blocks. With many charities and agencies advocating for therapies to improve your child's life chances, Autistimatic worked with the FB Group "Autistic Allies" to formulate some advice on how to make the right choices when looking for help for your children.

Autism Life

"Autism Life" films all delve into the nitty-gritty of life as an autist. Each one looks at a key aspect of autistic thinking, perception, feelings or communication from a personal perspective and unravels the gobbledegook often found in formal literature. Want to understand the differences that make people autistic? Here's where you should be.

Autism & Society

Films discussing social and political issues affecting autistic people and our community.

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