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Autism & Relationships

Part 1:Dealing with Diagnosis

Autism diagnosis requires both autistic & non-autistic people to work together to understand the new knowledge. Whether a spouse, a life partner, a lover, a friend or a family member is diagnosed, it can cause tension. There's many things than can go wrong, but they don't have to. Both sides need to know where they can help the other AND where they can go wrong.

Part 3: "Mind Reading" - (Theory of Mind)

Understanding what someone might be thinking or feeling isn't mind reading - it's Theory of Mind. Some say autistic people don't have it, but they're sorely mistaken. But if that's the case - why do autistic people & neurotypical partners, friends & family often have so much trouble understanding each other?

Part 2 - "You've Changed..."

Sooner or later, if someone in a relationship is diagnosed as autistic, someone will say "You've changed since..." What do people mean by it? Why do we say it? If there is change, is it bad or good?

Part 4: "Face Value" (Expressions & Flat Affect)

Autism is surrounded by myths - such as "autistic people lack emotions". Did that come about just because of our faces? Facial expressions are considered to be a vital communication tool, so why are autistic expressions so often hard to decode & is it true that autists are less able than non-autistic people at understanding facial cues?

After Diagnosis

What Next After Autism Diagnosis?

What are the next steps after being diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum? Who do you tell? What impact might it have on your life - good or bad?

Relief, Grief & Belief - Feelings After Diagnosis

What do autistic people feel in the weeks and months following diagnosis? What emotional processes do we go through as we come to terms with the knowledge? Does it change our view of ourselves or the world we live in?

Autism & Relationships - part 1: Dealing with Diagnosis

When a partner is diagnosed as autistic, both of you must work together to understand the new knowledge. Whether a spouse, a life partner, a lover, a friend or a family member is diagnosed, it can cause tension. There's many things than can go wrong, but they don't have to. Both sides need to know where they can help the other AND where they can go wrong.

Autism & Employment

Making Autism Work

Why is it harder for autistic people to find and keep work than almost any other social group? What can employers do to make employing autistics easier?

Working Accommodations

What would make working life easier for autistic employees? How can employing and accommodating autistic people be good for your business?

Autism at Work - Should YOU Disclose?

If you're an autistic adult in employment, should you share your diagnosis with your bosses or your colleagues? What should you consider before you decide. Are you looking for work and wondering whether to disclose in your application or interview?

30 Days of Autism Awareness

Week 1

Includes the importance of both Awareness AND Acceptance, Why I find telephone calls difficult, and the difference between conversation & public speaking, among others.

Week 3

Includes humour, solitude & special interests, including the very special interest many of us take in learning about ourselves and others like us.

Week 2

includes accepting change, emotional differences, conflict and anxiety.

Week 4

Includes why it's important to listen to self-identified autists, autistic friendship, how we like to refer to ourselves and why autistic advocates and educators emphasise the upside of being autistic.

Aspects of Autistic Experience

What Exactly IS "Normal"?

What do we mean by "normal" when we apply it to people? How does it feel to be told you are "abnormal"? Is it OK to tell an autistic person that they're "NOT normal"?

Masks and Autism - Why & How

Masks and Autism... Why do we mask? What difference does it make? Do we all do it? How does it affect us? Can we get by without masking? All this and more...

Autism & Stimming

Stimming What is it? Why do we do it? Why is it so important for autistic people to stim?

20th Century Autistic

What was it like to be diagnosed autistic before most people even knew what autism was? Was it better to have a diagnosis back then rather than receive it later as an adult?

Everybody's a Little Bit Autistic?

Have you ever said "Everybody's a bit autistic" or "We're ALL on the spectrum"? Ever thought about how autistic people feel about it when people say that to them?

Autism And Senses (Hypersensitivity)

TW - brief flashing effects at 00:30 & 05:14 Autistic people often have a view of the world which is different from most people. It can be a richer, more stimulating world due to the way our senses are processed - but it can also be problematic in modern society.

Truth, Lies & Autism

How often do you lie? Do you always know when you are lying? Does everybody have the same standards about what are lies and what is truth? 

Autism & Dealing With Anxiety

Anxiety is a constant companion for many autistic people and touches the lives of most autists at some point. This is how I personally keep my autistic anxiety under control.

Autistic Concerns & Social Issues

Autism Research & the Chicken & Egg Problem

Is it a "symptom" of autism or is it a useful trait? Is it a problem behaviour or a reaction to trauma and stress? This is the Autism Chicken & Egg Problem, but is it one which contemporary researchers understand? Do autistic voices have enough influence in the research conducted on us? Is all research helpful for us?

Is Autism a Disability?

Some insist autism is NOT a disability, others that it is. So which is it? Autistamatic reports on one of the most vexatious arguments in the autistic world.

The "Autism Parent" Controversy

In the autistic online community, “autism mum” or “autism parent” can be a red flag. It can mean a lot more than simply a parent who has an autistic kid, but parents who are new to autism don’t yet know this. Misunderstandings can happen, and sometimes with terrible consequences.

Autism & ABA - Why is it Controversial

It's described as "The Gold Standard" in autism therapy, "proven" to improve the prospects of autistic children, but what do autistic people themselves actually think about ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)?

Autism & Bullies

Why do autistic people get bullied so often? What turns people into bullies? What do they gain from it? What can WE do to combat bullies and make the world safer autistic people?

What's in a Label?

Functioning labels (mild, severe, high/low functioning) have become increasingly controversial in an autistic community fighting to be heard. We look at both sides of the debate over their use.

The Social Model of Disability

The Social Model of Disability is undoubtedly a significant stride forward towards equality and fair treatment of disabled people, including autistics, yet even many of it's supporters don't quite understand it.

Finding a Therapist For Your Autistic Child

How Do You Know...

What Makes a GOOD Therapist...

How do you tell if the therapy your child is receiving or is being sold to you could do more harm than good? This film is a collaboration between Autistamatic, Autistic Allies (FB Group) and The Aspergian.

What should you look for in a therapist who will help your autistic child learn the skills to survive & thrive in a world that isn't built for them? What are the priorities and approaches you should expect?

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