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Autism & Relationships 6:

Being Blunt

(and How Not To Be)

Autism is associated with blunt honesty. Most autistic people have got ourselves into trouble buy telling unwanted truths. Masking our true selves is tremendously draining, but there's a simple technique for avoiding the troubles that total candour can bring, without having to mask, OR distort the truth. Watch to find out.

Autism & Relationships 5:


Autism seems to shape the way we see concepts of honesty & truth. Autistic eyes often see the way people lie to each other in ways they don't even realise. How does this affect the relationships we have with people who don't see the deception all around us?

Autism & Relationships 4:

"Face Value"

(Expressions & Flat Affect)

Autism is surrounded by myths - such as "autistic people lack emotions". Did that come about just because of our faces? Facial expressions are considered to be a vital communication tool, so why are autistic expressions so often hard to decode & is it true that autists are less able than non-autistic people at understanding facial cues?

Autism & Relationships - part 1: Dealing with Diagnosis

When a partner is diagnosed as autistic, both of you must work together to understand the new knowledge. Whether a spouse, a life partner, a lover, a friend or a family member is diagnosed, it can cause tension. There's many things than can go wrong, but they don't have to. Both sides need to know where they can help the other AND where they can go wrong.

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