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Since 2018 Autistamatic has been producing and publishing videos about autism on YouTube. Check out our latest videos linked below.

What is Neurodiversity (The DERS Guide)

Don't Expect Rocket Science - just a simple explanation of what Neurodiversity is, for anyone of any age.

Making Autism Work

Why is it harder for autistic people to find and keep work than almost any other social group? What can employers do to make employing autistics easier?

Older Videos

Finding a Therapist For Your Autistic Child

How Do You Know...

What Makes a GOOD Therapist...

How do you tell if the therapy your child is receiving or is being sold to you could do more harm than good? This film is a collaboration between Autistamatic, Autistic Allies (FB Group) and The Aspergian.

What should you look for in a therapist who will help your autistic child learn the skills to survive & thrive in a world that isn't built for them? What are the priorities and approaches you should expect?

Older Videos

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