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Autistamatic produces and publishes videos about autism & autistic life on YouTube every Wednesday. The latest videos are linked on the home page and recent ones below.

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Autism at Work - Should YOU Disclose?

What do we mean by "normal" when we apply it to people? How does it feel to be told you are "abnormal"? Is it OK to tell an autistic person that they're "NOT normal"?

Everybody's a Little Bit Autistic?

Have you ever said "Everybody's a bit autistic" or "We're ALL on the spectrum"? Ever thought about how autistic people feel about it when people say that to them?

Autism & ABA - Why is it Controversial?

It's described as "The Gold Standard" in autism therapy, "proven" to improve the prospects of autistic children, but what do autistic people themselves actually think about ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis)?

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