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Autistamatic Inside

Autistic and Proud

Our chief creator and the driving force behind Autistamatic is Quinn.

Quinn found out he was autistic as a teenager, some years before the concept of

"The Autism Spectrum" was widely accepted and incorporated into diagnostic manuals. Over more than three decades he has watched autism go from a little known curiosity to a phenomenon that almost everyone has heard of.
Despite the great progress that has been made in awareness in that time, he never lost sight of the fact that awareness is only part of the problem facing autistic people today. Acceptance is the bigger problem. Too many people, including some on the spectrum, have little understanding of the true scope of what being autistic means, it's benefits, it's deficits and the disabling influence that lack of understanding has on the lives of every single Autistic person alive today.
With a little help from his friends, Quinn established Autistamatic to do what he can to put the record straight. To help autistic people realise they can be more than just their limitations. To assist the rest of the world to see our strengths and the immense contribution we have made to society throughout history.
Autism does not define who we are, but it is a part of who we are. Without it we would not be the same. Our personalities, our talents, our very essence would be missing a vital ingredient.
You are invited to join Quinn on his journey learning more about the lives, challenges and successes of other autistic people as we and our civilisation head towards a better understanding of each other.

"You are not JUST autistic, because every day can be an Autistamatic day"

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