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The following are people and/or organisations that have been supportive of Autistamatic and share our commitment to improving outcomes for autistic people. Please take the time to visit their sites, channels & blogs and subscribe if you like what you see.


Siena Castellon is a 16-year old neurodiversity advocate and anti-bullying campaigner. She is autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic. Unable to find a website that provided resources for neurodivergent  kids, Siena was motivated to create – – a site specifically designed to support autistic kids and kids with learning differences. Siena also launched Neurodiversity Celebration Week, which aims to encourage schools to recognise the strengths of their neurodivergent students. Siena has won many national awards for her website and advocacy, including the British Citizen Youth Award and the BBC Radio 1 Teen Hero Award. She recently became a Youth Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online and the ADHD Foundation. You can follow her on Twitter at @QLMentoring and @NCWeek.


Suzanne is an independent self-employed consultant working under the name Clear Autism, a training and consulting service aiming to support professionals working with autistic people. With experience of Autism from many perspectives: parent to an autistic child; student, earning a PGDip in Autistic Spectrum Disorders; teacher to autistic children, developing and delivering personalised home and school based educational programs; as a Home Visit and Support worker for autism charities and as a professional consultant and trainer, I understand the unique challenges faced by autistic people, their families and professionals they encounter. To learn more, please visit  or email with your questions and requirements.

Joe Jamfrey is an autistic YouTuber with a lovely relaxed style. Joe talks extensively about his own experiences with autism and does a fine job of explaining how his diagnosis of Asperger's Sundrome has shaped his life and experiences. Informative and friendly.


Natalie & Martin are an Autism Spectrum Duo (ASD), diagnosed with what the research literature refers to as high-functioning autism or Asperger syndrome.

From Their "About us" page:

If you’re a parent, a spouse, an educator, or friend of someone who is autistic, or if you are just curious, we encourage you to read through our articles to learn more about ASD.

If you suspect you’re on the autism spectrum, but unsure, you will find some helpful resources here.

If you know, or suspect, you’re autistic, but aren’t yet able to see the silver lining in your neurology, you’ve come to the right place. There are many reasons to celebrate your special gifts and proclivities and we’re happy to point them out!

We understand that it takes time to accept those parts of ourselves that have been rejected or maligned. But the process of learning self-acceptance is well worth the effort, and many of us end up feeling freer, happier, and more productive than we can remember ever being.


Happy Hands Toys have been exceptionally supportive of Autistamatic and they have an excellent online store featuring stim-toys galore.

From their "About us" page:

My wife and I have a son with autism and a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder diagnosis, so we are very familiar with unhappy hands playing with pencils, clothing and anything else around him. We do online schooling at home and had bought some fidgets to keep his hands happy so he could concentrate and focus. After seeing the changes, we wanted to create a site with our favorite fidgets and sensory toys all in one place for a great price. We will continue to update our products on a regular basis so check back often and visit us on our social media sites.


"  & The #AutLife Shop exist as a home for the uncounted legion of adults worldwide who recently learned (or wonder if) they’re on the autism spectrum. Created for autistic people, by autistic people, we're here to educate, inspire, support, and give hope to those of us who feel we don’t fit, have no place of our own, and who couldn’t possibly be but yet, here we are."

GENX ASPIE is an excellent resource for autistic people diagnosed as adults. With a range of excellent articles and links, the site, and it's author, provide an incomparable first stop for the newly diagnosed, or self diagnosed autistic adult.

Unlike many online resources, the site discusses issues relevant specifically to autistic People of Colour too, an area which has sadly received too little attention.

GENX ASPIE is also home to the superb "#Autlife Shop" which gathers together all sorts of items autistic people may find useful in their everyday lives, from clothes and stim toys, to books and noise cancelling headphones.

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