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Since 2018 Autistamatic has been producing and publishing videos about autism on YouTube. Check out our latest videos linked below.

The Social Model of Disability

The Social Model of Disability is undoubtedly a significant stride forward towards equality and fair treatment of disabled people, including autistics, yet even many of it's supporters don't quite understand it. Autistamatic explains it in straightforward terms.

How Do You Know...

How do you tell if the therapy your child is receiving or is being sold to you could do more harm than good? This film is a collaboration between Autistamatic, Autistic Allies (FB Group) and The Aspergian.

Masks and Autism

Why & How

Masks and Autism... Why do we mask? What difference does it make? Do we all do it? How does it affect us? Can we get by without masking? All this and more...

Autistic Opinion:

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is a name on the lips of the world. It's nigh in impossible NOT to have an opinion about her and what she does. Some of those opinions expressed have been of concern to the autistic community. Autistamatic wishes to express an opinion too....

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Autistamatic Report

What's in a Label?

CC subtitles available. Functioning labels (mild, severe, high/low functioning) have become increasingly controversial in an autistic community fighting to be heard. We look at both sides of the debate over their use.

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